About the Office of Distance Learning

Our Impact

Together, we’re expanding access to the Gator Nation and empowering leaders across the world with programs targeted to executives, young professionals, college students, even Florida’s high-achieving high school students.

Our Goal

An important element of being a preeminent university is the pursuit of expanding access to quality academic programs, courses, and events to all learners, no matter their home or circumstance. Our job at the Office of Distance Learning is to assist you and your faculty in reaching these students.

Our Mission

Expand access to the University of Florida by collaborating with campus partners to create and administer high quality, accessible, and affordable distance learning programs.

How we can help you

The Office of Distance Learning connects the world’s greatest students with UF’s preeminent programs, world-renowned professors, and all the resources of a flagship public university. Plan and develop your new online program, find support for online course proctoring, get answers about DL fees. We offer a wide breadth of services, so you can invest in your students. From marketing and support to course development and self-supporting program development and consultation, we have you covered.

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A brief history

Our office is located within the Office of Teaching & Technology, along with UF Online, the Office of Faculty Development and Teaching Excellence, the Center for Online Innovation and Production and the Finance Office. Distance Learning is distinct from UF Online, which offers fully-online baccalaureate degree programs. UF’s other online offerings, including graduate programs, continuing education courses and individual undergraduate courses are managed through the Office of Distance Learning. Our origin dates to 1919 when the state legislature created the General Extension Division at UF to administer correspondence study courses.

In the Summer of 2009, the Office of the Associate Provost for Information Technology, E-Learning and Distance Education was formed to coordinate e-Learning, distance education and education & general (E&G) IT units at the University of Florida.  

In the Fall of 2010, the Office of the Associate Provost for Teaching and Technology was founded to reflect the broadening mission of supporting teaching innovation at UF. 



Flexible Learning student enrollments in FY 2018


New self-supporting programs in FY 2019


Dual Enrollment student completers in FY 2018

Expanding access worldwide

Expanding access worldwide

At the Office of Distance Learning, we’re using new technologies and innovative methods to help faculty and departments connect to learning communities across the globe. UF now offers about 200 distance learning programs and serves tens of thousands of students the world over.

By collaborating with campus partners who share our commitment to accessible education and research, we are helping UF lead the nation in reaching new demographics of learners. Together, we’re expanding access to the Gator Nation.

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