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Distance Program Services

Our Mission

To expand access to UF by collaborating with faculty and staff to align objectives and coordinate resources for developing and administering distance learning programs focused on student success

We are committed to using labor market data and sophisticated skills analysis to build bridges between employers and higher ed. Our office is guiding UF's leadership in leveraging online learning to meet the state's workforce needs. We can help your program align with labor market demand and develop industry partnerships.

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In 1919, the Correspondence Study Department was organized under the General Extension Division, and the rest is history! Over the years, our name has changed—our mission and purpose have not.

What People Say

[Distance Program Services] has been a long-standing vested champion of ours that has committed the time and interest to really understand what urban and regional planning is as a discipline of study and field of practice first—and then apply their innovative marketing tools and strategies as we collaboratively amplify our unique online program.

Jocelyn Widmer, Ph.D.

Director, Online Master's in Urban & Regional Planning