Program Market Analysis and Consultation

Labor market demand analysis, competitor research, and business planning consultation to guide strategy and identify growth opportunities for your online Self-Supporting program.

Data-Driven Consultation for Existing Self-Supporting Online Programs

ODL's Program Review is a consultative service aimed at supporting the ongoing development of existing online programs by leveraging labor market, academic market, and employer profile data.  

Our office provides data-driven insight into:

  • your program's competitive landscape
  • labor market demand and long-term growth projections
  • employment and skills gaps by location, industry/occupation, field, and company
  • identifying of new degree-to-employment pipelines
  • building relationships with the right employers
  • ensuring your program's curriculum corresponds to in-demand skills in relevant industries

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Program Review at Work

ODL's Program Review aided the online Master's of Urban and Regional Planning program in targeting its marketing and recruitment efforts, refreshing its curriculum to meet changing employer needs, and identifying new strategic partners.

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Academic Program Trends

Academic Program Trends

Using government and resume and alumni profile data, our office analyzes trends in relevant academic fields to help faculty and administrators better understand their programs' competitive landscape. We build upon this data to generate reasonable enrollment projections in the coming years, a crucial aid in long-term program planning.

Occupational Overview

Our office's consultation will provide deeper insight into the local, regional, and national economies that drive potential students to your programs. We can help ensure our online programs remain aligned with labor market demand and identify key demand gaps across the state and country.

Occupational Overview
Employer and Job Postings Analytics

Employer and Job Postings Analytics

Our office leverages propietary employer and resume profiles data to provide programs with information about the particular skills for which employers are looking and how prepared the workforce is to meet those demands. We can review regional trends or analyze particular industries and companies. This level of detail enables our office to identify potential student interests and regions education is in low supply. Lastly, this data is a way to forge new relationships with employers and industry leaders.

Skills Gap Analysis

Working with our office, programs will be able to identify specific skills gaps for particular occupations and job titles relevant to the field. This data can be used as a check on program curricula, ensuring on-going alignment with in-demand skills, and be a catalyst for conversations with managers to build continuing education opportunities for their current employees.

Skills Gap Analysis

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