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Online Proctoring in Canvas using Honorlock

Honorlock is the University designated online proctoring service. Online proctoring with Honorlock should be activated for any single assessment equivalent to 15% or more of a student’s final course grade (UF + Quality Matters Standard 3).

Follow the steps below to use Honorlock for proctoring in Canvas. You can also watch a recorded training webinar conducted by ODL and Honorlock.

  1. Read Honorlock - Enabling Honorlock in an Exam (PDF). This provides you with instructions on how to enable an exam in Canvas to use Honorlock. If the Honorlock tool isn’t already set up within your course shell the last page of the pdf shows you how to add the Honorlock tool to your course shell navigation. *Please review important Honorlock documents below.*
  2. Watch How to Use Honorlock Canvas Instructor Guide (1:47). This video shows how to set up a quiz within Canvas and have it proctored by Honorlock.
  3. Watch How to view student results in Canvas (Instructor Guide) (1:01). This video shows how to access students’ exam results in Canvas.
  4. Ask students to read Honorlock - Student Exam Preparation Information (PDF). This handout will help your students prepare for an online exam proctored by Honorlock.
  5. Review Student Accommodations and Online Proctoring (PDF) for guidance on accommodating students registered with the Disability Resource Center (DRC).

Please see below for more Honorlock resources or contact us with questions and concerns.


Online Proctoring

With the expansion of online courses, the focus of ensuring the authentication of the students taking these courses and especially taking online assessment is of paramount concern. The University standard for online assessments and proctoring is that any assessment equivalent to 15% or more of a student’s final course grade should utilize online authentication and proctoring solution.

The first thing faculty need to consider if they will be teaching an online course that needs online proctoring is how the proctoring is funded. Online proctoring services are not a free service. Check with your program or department before requesting proctoring services to confirm how your course will fund online proctoring.

Considerations in determining funding:

  • Is your course a UF Online course?
  • Is your course part of a Self-Supporting program?
  • Is your course set up to charge a Distance Learning fee to cover proctoring?

Your program or department should know the answers to these questions. Keep in mind that ProctorU will not activate your exam to allow students to schedule until they know how the proctoring costs will be funded.

Distance Learning Fees Funding


ProctorU Webinar

The latest ProctorU webinar can be watched at the link below. The webinar reviews impending changes in how faculty set up their online course ProctorU exams as well as how exam incident reports will be managed.

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