Flexible Learning

Undergraduate teaching opportunities in an asynchronous online format.

Flexible Learning

Previously known as UF Correspondence Studies, Flexible Learning has a long history at UF—nearly 100 years. Today, Flexible Learning serves thousands of students at UF and beyond by offering online, open-enrollment, self-paced courses open to college students anywhere year-round.

Why should your department consider offering a Flex course?

UF Flexible Learning expands the University’s global impact by providing departments an opportunity to reach beyond the campus by offering their face-to-face courses online. Flexible Learning can provide teaching opportunities for faculty members, adjunct instructors, or graduate students. Compensation is provided to instructors for developing and teaching these courses, and our office provides administrative support to ensure student success.

Why Teach for UF Flexible Learning?

Gain online teaching experience and interact with students from all over the world through Flexible Learning. Work collaboratively with our online course production team to develop a student-centered online course or to simply offer existing online courses to a new audience. Flexible Learning respects the time of its instructors and compensates them on a per-student basis. Our office supports instructors’ success by helping keep students on track.

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As of 10/10/2017, UF Flexible Learning will no longer be selling textbooks directly. If you would like to purchase a textbook from the UF Bookstore, a link has been provided on each course page with the correct book. Please check your syllabus for all correct and up to date textbook information, as well.

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The coursework is self-paced and students have up to 16 weeks to complete the course.

Open Enrollment

UF Flexible Learning offers many online courses in a variety of subjects that students can enroll in at any time.


UF Flexible Learning grants to UF and Non-UF students access to online courses taught by our world class faculty.

If you are interested in learning more about UF Flexible Learning

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