DESC Marketing & Communications

The Distance Education Service Center (DESC) offers a full spectrum of customizable services to identify, attract, and build relationships with qualified students who express interest in University of Florida programs. DESC works with you to maximize your current application and enrollment processes. Our team of dedicated Student Success Specialists provide prospective students with support throughout the student lifecycle, from initial interest through program completion.

Our Strategic Advantage

UF Distance Education Service Center was founded to support University of Florida Distance Learning programs that do not have the resources to support the department's growth in online learning. With nearly 100 years of experience in distance learning administration, our department is strategically placed to help your prospective students become part of the Gator Nation.

With our unique access to the University's student and program information, our team is well positioned to deliver a high-quality student experience. Our team utilizes multiple cloud-based platforms to collect prospective student data, allowing us to know which of your prospects are highly motivated.

Communications Services

Program Recruitment  

We tailor our recruitment approach to each partnering program's needs. Since we are located on the University of Florida campus, we have the unique ability to immerse our team in our partner program.  During the onboarding process, our team gets to know your program, the students, and the faculty. This allows our Application Coordinators and Student Support Specialist to understand your ideal student persona in order to deliver the highest-quality students to your program.  

With every conversation, our team builds meaningful relationships with prospective students and coaches applicants through the department's application or enrollment process. In addition, we collect data on each student interaction to deliver a personalized experience to each student.  At the end of each recruitment cycle, our team provides your department with the necessary applicant information for admissions review.   

Program Retention Support 

Once admitted, our coordinators continue supporting students through the lifecycle of their program. For programs that run on an academic calendar year, our coordinators connect with students to assist with their course registration or to simply check continue building a relationship and gauge their satisfaction level.   

As an added benefit to our partners, we continue tracking data about students throughout the student life-cycle, which are shared through detailed reports to our partnering programs. 

When it comes to marketing and communications, our team bleeds orange and blue.

Marketing Services

When it comes to higher education marketing, our marketing team bleeds orange and blue.   

To drive qualified students to your program, we work with your faculty and coordinators to craft and deliver your program’s messaging to your niche audiences. To craft messaging, we break your program’s strengths into a five-stage marketing life cycle. In addition, we use analytics and data from our student relationship management system to deliver customized recruitment experiences to each prospective applicant.  

Once the message has been crafted, our creative team develops digital content to deliver your message across a variety of online platforms. Although our concentration is in delivering your message online, we also consider print advertising in our marketing mix in order to reach certain audiences.  Our team specializes in attracting prospects by delivering your program's customized messaging to users through landing pages, Google, YouTube, Bing, Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, Email, Pinterest, Reddit, and LinkedIn.   

Creative Branding

The University of Florida Distance Education Service Center offers a new way to strengthen your program's brand. We ensure all of your advertising content is consistent with UF's brand by adhering to University Relations guidelines. Our team of marketing specialists can help you stand out while leveraging and strengthening our University's preeminent image.

Accessing & Securing Data

Accessing & Securing Data

Getting updates on your program's marketing and recruitment activities has never been easier. Updates are readily available in our Student Relationship Management software. We will customize your program's homepage to give you the updates you are looking for. There is even a mobile app, perfect for directors and coordinators who are always on the go.    

Our Student Relationship Management System has passed each stage of the UF security review and is secured by GatorLink authentication. As a part of the UF community, we will never share your student data with anyone outside of the University of Florida. Our team participates in yearly FERPA training, to ensure federal compliance. Having access to your data is key for building and running reports needed by your administration, that is why we have built-in security that allows us to give you access to your student data to retrieve whenever is convenient for you.   

Student Support & Data Collection

Our team stays logged in to answer student questions as soon as they arise. We strive to provide excellent customer service through the medium the student chooses. UF DESC provides phone, email, form, and real-time chat support. Our team is dedicated to serving students by helping them navigate the University of Florida’s digital ecosystem.   

Details about each conversation are stored in a robust Student Relationship Management system so members from our team can be prepared to provide more efficient service with each future interaction. Each email, phone call, chat, or form submitted allow us to collect and store information to build stronger relationships with each individual served. As we collect each data point we organize and display it in a meaningful way to share prospective and current student information with our partnering programs.   


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